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Our programs

CityKids is the wake up call for everyone on weekdays… join Neal 8-9am then 9-10 for the adult version!
+Adams Morning show
Adam Freemantle is City FMs morning presenter, join him for all the latest news, gossip and traffic updates
+Menu del Dave
Menu del Dave is our early week option for lunchtimes, join Dave 1-4
+Nikki Addis / Fitness Friday
Nikki Addis is the City fitness expert, Fridays 1-4 for fit bit and listen out for her reggae specials
+Andy Phillips' Saturday slot
Join Andy for a weekend mix with retro pop and current music, with the Phillps twist
+Lord Hixsons Drivetime
The famous Lord Hixson drives the coast home from 4-7pm listen in and find out why its the only show to drive home to.